When it comes to content marketing, we’ve got all the bases covered:  

  • Story: We will talk with you to uncover the story of your business, from who you are to what you do to why you started up in the first place. As part of this process, we’ll also determine your target audience, identify the problems you can solve for them, and the content that will draw them to you.
  • Strategy: Once we know more about your story and audience we’ll help you devise an effective strategy, centred on content types, platform, and frequency of communication. Our plan is designed to resolve your specific challenges, whether that be bringing more people through your doors, moving products, sharing solutions, or improving your search engine results.
  • Content:  As professional writers, we excel at creative content and will write articles and posts tailored to your specific audience: content your followers and fans won’t find anywhere else.
  • Reports: Our easy-to-use analytic reports will show you how your posts are performing. With these numbers we can fine tune our strategy and continually improve our results.

What We Offer

The content you use will help build personality for your brand or business. As such, you are in charge. Whether you want freelance copywriting or a full content marketing strategy, you can purchase services à la carte from us or bundle them into a package:

  • blog posts
  • social media content: sourcing and writing posts for all of your social media channels
  • social media analytics reports
  • social media profiles for LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and other sites
  • scripts for videos, podcasts,  and webinars
  • website content, page titles, and descriptions
  • ebookswhite papers, and other informative materials that offer value to your customers
  • testimonials geared to your business for your clients to use
  • website content audits

Hear what our clients have to say. 

Content Marketing for Small to Medium Enterprises

“Content marketing is really about providing valuable information or content to current and potential customers for the purpose of building trust, branding, awareness, and positive sentiment.”–Jayson DeMers, Forbes Magazine

Content marketing. Social media marketing. Building brand communities. Large companies have embraced all of these related strategies, devoting entire departments to creating content for sharing on social media.

But what about your small or medium business? You face competition too but may lack the resources to hire a dedicated content marketer or the time to create content on your own. Is content marketing feasible for you?

Yes, it certainly is, with our help.

Based in the Greater Toronto Area, we work with clients all over Canada.

Email us to talk about a custom package of services, and explore our site to learn more about  how content marketing works.